Answers to some of the most frequent questions we receive during the applications period…


How Do I Apply

The 3 application routes to make a Future Bubblers application are all detailed in the APPLY section

Is My Music Right

This is the hardest question of them all! Applications are not required to be of a specific genre. Our best reference is “outside of the box” so Future Bubblers music will usually tend NOT to be commercial and it will lean more toward the experimental, leftfield and probably an electronic tinged soul sound. We have created a “What does a Future Bubbler sound like?” mix on the website to try and give you a clearer audio reference. If you watch this animation we put together too everything should fall into place

Also, please check the magical music sounds of all our Future Bubblers candidates to date - this will give you a really good indication of the spectrum of sound we cover and support

Do I Have To Be A “Musician”

No. Future Bubblers is open to singers / rappers / spoken word poets / DJs / producers / beat makers / trombone players - if it’s the Future Bubblers’ sound, it doesn’t matter how you make it

Do I Have To Be A Certain Age

No. However, if you are younger than 16 we will need to obtain parental/guardian’s consent if are selected as a final successful “Future Bubblers” candidate

Do I Have To Be From A Focus City

We have focus cities for each year of our project. For example, for Year 1, these are Nottingham and Salford. For Year 2 - these were Hull and Sheffield, and for Year 3 we rolled to Southampton and Liverpool. Year 4 in Manchester and now we are in Wolverhampton for Year 5. There will be lots of activity in these cities around the Future Bubblers project BUT you do not have to have a focus city postcode to apply. We will consider applications from across England. NB: This is a project in collaboration with Arts Council England so we cannot accept submissions from outside of England or internationally…...yet :)

I'm A Signed Artist, Can I Apply

Unfortunately not. Future Bubblers is all about grass roots music. Creatives with no real previous “music industry” experience or exposure are the project’s priority. So just because you don’t have a manager, an agent, even a soundcloud doesn’t mean you aren’t making perfect Future Bubblers’ vibes. This is more about potential rather than previous experience

I Actually Don’t Have A Soundcloud. How Do I Apply

We saw this one coming! Just because you’ve never been in a recording studio before, or have only ever DJ’d and made beats in your bedroom shouldn’t mean this opportunity can’t be an option for you. Check on the APPLY section for your best route through

What Is The Deadline For Submissions

Applications for the latest round of Future Bubblers closed September 2019. The will re-open summer 2020. Check on the website in the APPLY section to find out how you can get your music to us. Please make sure you sign up to the mailing list to stay in the know about all these deadlines and application dates

When Will I Find Out If I Am Successful

See question above for the 2019 application dates schedule. We aim to inform candidates in September 2019 with a public announcement to follow October/November 2019. So if we do pick you, you’ll need to be good at secrets. You will be contacted by email so please ensure that from the get-go you provide us with correct and complete contact details

What Will Happen If I Am Selected

We are selecting a maximum of 10 candidates for each year of the project. These will be taken from across England [not exclusively from the focus cities for each year] TOTAL 10 candidates. Once you are selected we will get in touch with you to arrange an initial meeting/skype call, whichever works for you and begin to figure out who is best matched to yourself and your creative development as a mentor. This usually involves a bonding introduction trip to London. This is just the start of the journey! Future Bubblers offers each successful candidate a year of direct mentoring, so we want to ensure that your journey with us is steady and suitable. You’ll be given live music opportunities when and where appropriate, learn about how the music industry machine works and more importantly how it works best for you and your music. The Future Bubblers team and your mentor will be there along the way, as will your wider Future Bubblers’ family. We also want to encourage exchange and collaboration amongst the final Future Bubblers’ candidates. You will have direct mentorship with your industry mentor for 1 year - and then a support network from wider Future Bubblers family for as long as you’re hungry for it!

What About People That Don’t Get Through

Just because you aren’t selected as a “Future Bubbler” does not mean that you cannot come along for the ride. There are many ways for you to remain part of the Future Bubblers story and benefit from the resources and opportunities. We will add all applicants to our mailing list and keep them up to date with local Future Bubblers activities and events. This will include things such as drop-in work shops / talks / panels in the focus cities / information on similar music opportunities. And plenty more besides... Of course this will all be on a first come first served basis so keep checking your inbox to register your interest! Future Bubblers is a family and we want to make sure as many innovative fresh music makers can benefit as possible. NB: Please inform us if you do not wish to be added to the mailing list

I Still Have More Questions. What Do I Do

There’s a few options here. You can email hello at futurebubblers.com and we will come back to you as soon as we can. OR in the true Future Bubblers spirit, we want you to go out there and experience and enjoy music, which is best done in person. You can visit any one of our partner stores in the focus cities. Check the ON ROAD section on the website to find out where they are.. They are pretty clued up on all things Future Bubblers and should be able to help you out. You can attend a Future Bubblers event - these should generally be happening throughout the summer months of the application window where you can come and meet with us and ask questions face to face, and generally just talk about music and life. Again - check the ON ROAD section for details of these

If I am selected as a successful candidate - what do I get…

- an all expenses paid induction trip to London
- professional press shots
- professional bio written
- a pairing with an expert industry mentor specifically tailored to your needs and vision
- an Industry 101 day to break down and explain key topics on the “business”side of music
- Ableton intro session and additional one-on-one training session + access to software licenses and hardware
- an opportunity to perform at a London showcase event - plus other additional live opportunities as they come up/are appropriate
- feature track on a Future Bubblers compilation released via Brownswood Recordings
- filmed “Brownswood Basement” session and placement for online premieres
- radio play via the Future Bubblers x Worldwide FM show
- assistance with single and EP campaigns as they come up - across marketing / press / radio plugging